Infinite Galaxies of Fun

Hello! My name is Galaxy, and this is my ~webbed site~ that I have made for fun, and for sharing cool things that I've made. Also for refreshing and practicing my HTML and CSS skills.

I very much enjoy music, art, and video games~ I draw, write, and sometimes even make music and video games of my own.

Before the sharing portion of this site, I will give you my words of wisdom:


RaveDJ Is All The Rage

Heyyy, kids! Have you heard of RaveDJ?
It's a really neat site where you can make music mashups using AI. I love mashups, but don't have any talent, so I used the site to make some. And then I used this site to download them, though I don't know if that site works anymore. Then I uploaded them to my google drive. And now I'm using this site to share them with you! So, here they are!

Do note that I'm usually not a big fan of AI at all. However, I feel there's a difference between taking 2 songs, making a mashup, and crediting both songs that were used, with no other songs making up the result... and image-creating AI that takes art, uncredited, from many sources. Just think about what the implications of those scenarios would be if a real person made the result with their bare hands, and I think you can also understand where I'm coming from. Both are without permission, but one is markedly worse. Though admittedly, there is a strong possibility that I, as a visual artist, I may be a bit biased towards the visual arts.

...Also note that I'm the kind of weirdo who likes "noise music", so these mashups might not be to everyone's tastes, lmao.

Anyway, without further ado!


I Hope You Fall In A Fire

First is a mashup between Lovejoy's "The Fall" and The Living Tombstone's "Die In A Fire".
I decided to try it because my brain would not stop forcing the two together. Every time I tried to remember the start of Die in a Fire, my brain would play the backing music for The Fall over it.
I'm glad the AI picked up on the vibes that my brain was putting down, and I think the result is surprisingly good.


Flying Battery Territory

Next up is a mashup of Ken Ashcorp's "Absolute Territory" and "Flying Battery Zone Act 1" from Sonic Mania.
I didn't make this one myself! I just stole it from another RaveDJ user, since none of the songs belong to them anyway so it's all fair game imo. Also there's no search function on that site, and old mashups break all the time (I've lost a few good mashups that way myself) so it's not like I could track down the origin even if I wanted to. Consider this a form of art preservation?
This was actually the first time I ever heard Absolute Territory. Since the mashup nightcores it, finally listening to the original gave me a bit of whiplash. It was similar to listening to the original version of Rockerfeller Street, but on steroids, because at least the Rockerfeller nightcore wasn't mixed with another song.
Oh yeah, if you haven't heard Absolute Territory before; warning for suggestive themes. The lyrics are less audible in the mashup though.


The Hypnotised Wolf

This one is a mashup of Set It Off's "Hypnotized" and SIAMÉS' "The Wolf" (which you should definitely check out on its own if just for the music video animation).
This one has a few wonky parts that fall out of rhythm, but when it works, it really works. Also, warning for swearing in Hypnotised.


Radioactive Ghost

Now it's time for one that I love a lot! It's Imagine Dragon's "Radioactive" and Mystery Skulls' "Ghost" (jumpscare warning at the end for this one).
Who would have thought that these two would go together so well? The lyrics being in two different tempos make for a fun dynamic listen.
Also, if you haven't seen Mystery Skulls Animated yet, what are you even doing with your life? (No jumpscare warning for this one though!)


Telephone Face

You're gonna love this; Lady Gaga's "Telephone" (ft. Beyoncé) and "Poker Face". I can't believe that Lady Gaga somehow just made the same song twice.
Unfortunately, this is an example of a RaveDJ mashup that uses the old AI algorhythm, so the original was lost to time and this exact version can no longer be replicated. Good thing I saved it!